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  • Take her (him) on a shopping (5.20)

       The previous outbreak must have left you feeling foot at home. So in this beautiful may, just after the labor day, May 10 mother's day, May 12 nurses day, and ushered in the expression of the day of May 20, so where to go around? Or come to our "youth flash bazaar", from May 1 - May 31 preferential benefits taking turns, 11 a.m. every day then in kerry center south B1 floor atrium, follow us the figure of 900 small 2 look at nine hundred, the "city", we nine hundred through vivid and interesting to conform to the present young people, in the form of old site and online products to market, promote to the friends in the OFFICE.

       On the coming May 20 love confession day, bring her or him to the market broadcast room to let go with us, and choose and buy the love confession gift in the "welfare" constantly thrown out, so as to make a call for our 900-time-honored "tide" brand.

        In these good things most can let you feast your eyes and express the heart of that cluster of love fire is my shop jingdezhen porcelain.

        Come on! To the site together with the host to understand the porcelain culture, together with the increase in knowledge, in the may festival I carefully prepared a lot of welfare, let you buy more porcelain, great discounts, a lot of mind.

       Do not miss our remaining several times of live time and 520 days travel tea set big discount, blue and white cover cup set group buy free activities.


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