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  • [return to work, return to production and return to market] delicate you, need delicate porcelain to achieve

    Labor day and mother's day are coming


    Nanjing west shaanxi north road

    Each exquisite porcelain can make the person who enjoys it feel the master's meticulous and elegant life emotional appeal. The exquisite porcelain used by ancient scholars and scholars in their daily life makes perfect interpretation for their exquisite life.

    Do you know the beauty of life

    Have the desire to upgrade?

    Then please follow small make up together came to the bustling nanjing west road shaanxi north road mouth, into jingdezhen porcelain, add a touch of poetry for life.

    Shanghai jingdezhen art porcelain co., ltd. has a history of 61 years since its opening in 1959, and has become a "time-honored" shop in Shanghai. For decades, the company has been focusing on the production of high and mid-level display porcelain, tourism porcelain, celebrity porcelain works, antique porcelain and high and mid-level daily porcelain produced in jingdezhen, jiangxi province. The company in line with the integrity of credibility, customer first for the first purpose, enjoys a certain reputation at home and abroad, become a lot of Chinese and foreign porcelain lovers frequented place, is a professional shop.

    One more month

    Labor day and mother's day are coming

    Shanghai jingdezhen art porcelain co., LTD. Has prepared exquisite porcelain for every exquisite you.

    Bucket color

    Under the glaze blue and white and glaze on all colors combined, take its many colors contend for the meaning of colorful, first use under the glaze blue and white for the outline of flowers and birds, and then fill in the glaze with red, yellow, green, purple and other gorgeous and quietly elegant color, through the low temperature secondary firing, form under the glaze blue and glaze color bright contrast, hand in each other reflect.

    "Little yuzhai"

    "Yu" used in a group of craftsmen is really the greatest praise and introspection, if the big qiao zhuo is a kind of inside information, the beauty of the heart is a kind of pursuit. Ware dignified and beautiful, glazed fat such as pile fat, white in the pan green, color yan and not impetuous, quiet and elegant, composition of the appropriate density, exquisite technology, there is static, blue and white lines through which the role of harmony and unity. The skills of color furnace, superior to the contemporary, comparable to the Ming and qing dynasty official kiln is not inferior.

    Color leather ball flower tea cup

    The leather ball flower that this cup draws, do not resemble a single to point to a certain special flower, but with the grain act the role of a variety of flowers uniformed become a circle, resemble the small leather ball of a colour profusion, but flower shape is different, resemble snowflake, chrysanthemum petal, four leaf plum shape, month China is beautiful beautiful shape, west lotus shape change myriad, without similarity, grain act the role of layout density has send. The colour of profusion and vitrified glaze lubricious phase line, blossom gives the beauty of a luxuriant and implicative, quiet and quiet is narrating "color and empty", "move with static" the way of buddhist home.

    Special porcelain for every delicate and beautiful you

    And an ordinary great mother

    May 1, 2020


    May 10, 2020

    The company's merchandise overall sales

    The truth returns new old customer

    Purchase of household porcelain

    Over 500 yuan, 15% off;

    Full 1000 yuan, 8.2 discount;

    Full 2,000 yuan, 20% off.

    Buy art, display porcelain

    Full 1000 yuan, 15% off;

    Full 5,000 yuan, 20% off;

    Over 10,000 yuan, 7.2 off.

    Shopping is over 800 yuan

    One cup for the company's 60th anniversary!

    On mother's day (May 10)

    The following two items are presented to the mother


    We saved for a long time a long time of love, to open the mouth, with action! During the "May Day" medical staff buy goods more enjoy fold up fold!

    Carefully select a piece of porcelain to savor the beauty of the tea cup to create an elegant living space life will reward a most delicate you


    212North Shanxi Road, Shanghai
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