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  • "Chebao Lixin" Shaanxi North Road Time-honored Brand Professional Street is on line!

       Shanghai Shaanxi North Road Old Brand Street was officially opened in 2009. Kaikai, Longfeng Qipao and Magnolia Silk along the street are the earliest favorites of Shanghai's old carats. Meixin snacks taste like Shanghainese. Jingdezhen Art Porcelain Store is a place for collectors to "dig treasure." In order to further implement the development strategy of "one axis and three belts", Jing' an district actively participated in the promotion of the "Shanghai shopping" brand and helped the economic development of Jing' an back street, and carried out the overall coordination, upgrading and reconstruction of Shaanxi north road time-honored professional street. Now that the renovation has been completed and a new appearance has been made, the outer wall of Shikumen is added with a modern hall.

       Jingdezhen Art Porcelain Store is us. We are a "time-honored" store with a history of 60 years. The store has daily porcelain, artistic porcelain, excellent works by more than 30 national and provincial masters, and many innovative and creative works.

       With a new look, we will offer better service, newer creativity, better inheritance and harder quality to all of you, adding color to the magnificent turn of the "time-honored" professional street.


    212North Shanxi Road, Shanghai
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