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  • Winning the Star Award for the Design of the Group's "Creative Infinity, Takuye Siyuan" Innovation Competition

      Taking the creation of the "International Consumer City Demonstration Zone" as an opportunity, we will closely focus on Jing 'an to build the "Shanghai Service" core load-bearing area and the "Shanghai Shopping" demonstration guiding area. We 900 Group launched the "Creative Infinite Extension Industry Siyuan"-900 Group employees creative innovation competition. Through the collection and selection of outstanding marketing cases, we will further develop the accumulated wisdom force for the group and create a centripetal force for diligent learning, pragmatic innovation, pursuit of excellence, and creation of the future.
      Division I also actively participated in it. After several rounds of communication, exchanges, and competitions in the preliminary round, a total of 9 projects in 16 projects entered the semi-finals. Through the fierce competition in the semi-finals, 7 projects eventually reached the finals. Our fine porcelain private custom brand creation project also from the preliminary round all the way to the finals.
      In the final, the party secretary and chairman of the group, Xuxin, mentioned in a thank-you note that the final exhibition project embodies 900 people's innovative ideas and is the cradle of the group's new economic growth point in the future. Standing at a new starting point, the 900 Group has set up a stage for every 900 people to share their dreams, allowing all 900 people to display their talents. In the construction of the "International Jing 'an and Dream", the 900 Group must adhere to international standards, aim at the first-class level, and develop with high starting point planning, high-quality advancement, and high speed. We must strive to create fine products and continuously create features.
    In his speech, Yejianhua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress and chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, gave full recognition to the work of the group's trade unions. He also pointed out that all cadres and employees of the 900 Group should comply with the requirements of the times, stand at a new starting point, seek new development, and promote all work. The trade unions of the group should unite knowledge and practice, learn to implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of Trade Unions into practical actions, strengthen the political construction, organizational construction, team building and self-construction of trade unions, stimulate the vitality and vitality of trade unions, and further enhance the ability of trade unions to serve innovation and development and serve the working people.
    District Party Secretary and Mayor Luxiaodong put forward three requirements for the group's work in the message. He hopes that the 900 Group will continue to resolutely follow the road of innovation, bravely set up the tide of innovation, and through innovation, take a new business development path. First, we need to cultivate innovative talents, allow young people to play the role of the main force of innovation, and support young people to boldly lead the lead in innovation. Second, we need to create an atmosphere of innovation and encourage the development of activities such as competition and display of innovation, so that the style of innovation will prevail in the group. Third, we need to stick to the next development strategy of the Group to carry out innovation, so that innovation will become an important force for the Group to achieve a new round of development.
      In the end, we won the Star Award in the "Creative Infinity, Takuyo Siyuan" Innovation Competition in the finals. Through this competition and continuous exchanges with the group's sister units, we have benefited greatly, and we have realized that we must continue to work hard and continue to innovate. Can make the enterprise go further and further in the future road.


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