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  • Did you run into them? Just 2020 Jing 'an Nanjing West Road commercial retail industry service star list announced walk, come and have a look

    Our Shanghai Jingdezhen Art Porcelain Co., Ltd. Comrade Qin Yi also made the list

    Qin Yi is the star manager of the Jingdezhen Porcelain Store, a division of the 900 Group

    She always puts "sincere smile, intimate service" in the first place as the purpose, adhere to the business ethics of "love and dedication, integrity in business, quality service, dedication to the society", quality service attitude, rigorous work style, won the recognition of customers and colleagues. An epidemic at the beginning of the New Year disrupted the normal pace of social and economic operation. In the case of a sharp decline in customer flow, Qin Yi and his management team actively tried a new marketing method, from "inviting customers in" to "going out" with goods. In May, I went out of the store and participated in the 9100 Brand Fashion Festival. In the concept store of the pop-up bazaar in Jing 'an Kerry Center, I adopted the live broadcasting method that young people are willing to accept for the brand endorsement. As a live-streaming agent in the store, she worked hard to learn all kinds of porcelain professional knowledge and live-streaming skills. In just one month, she made a great improvement in the live-streaming business and sales performance, and was also honored as Jing 'an "live-streaming with goods king". In terms of product promotion, the company registered Douyin account to spread the excellent traditional culture of Jingdezhen porcelain by embracing new media. Continue to explore the production of small videos, interact with fans, so that more people know about porcelain, familiar with porcelain, so as to fall in love with porcelain.

    In addition, as a grassroots party member, Qin Yi actively responded to the group's volunteer recruitment order for "Love in the 900 · Campaign", submitted the petition immediately, and as the second group of volunteers, supported Nanjing West Road Street and participated in the work of building restoration. We can see the efforts, persistence and persistence in her past drips. I also saw her contribution to improving the image of Shanghai Jingdezhen Art Porcelain Store and polishing the service window of time-honored stores.

    Smiling considerate service of her


    212North Shanxi Road, Shanghai
    Wechat Public Account
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