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  • "Time-honored Brand" Stores Add President's "Fans"

    Notes on Lithuanian President's Purchase of Blue and White Flowers


       The first China Import Expo will be held in Shanghai on November 5, 2018. It is another business card of the magic capital's foreign exchange. It bears and witnesses China's statement on the degree of openness to the world. So the whole city is excited and busy to welcome this grand occasion. As a "time-honored" brand shop, our Jingdezhen porcelain shop is always ready to present the exquisite porcelain and porcelain culture calcined from this millennium kiln fire to friends at home and abroad. Indeed, on the 2nd of this month, we received a visit from Lithuanian President Daglia Grybauskaite to our store on the 4th. For this reason, the municipal, district public security bureau, fire department and the company's leadership team led all the staff to conduct an all-round inspection and arrangement of our stores and the surrounding areas 2 days in advance to ensure that the reception task is foolproof.

      On the morning of the 4th, all employees of the company arrived at the store one hour in advance and everything was ready. at about 10: 30, the Lithuanian president came down to our store accompanied by his entourage. as soon as she entered the store, her eyes could not be separated from these exquisite porcelains. in particular, she was full of praise and love for our blue and white porcelains. after listening to manager Shen's introduction of blue and white porcelains, she immediately bought the jade bottle with dragon designs. she felt that the blue and white porcelains were beautifully decorated, elegant and green, and the shape of the vase was also very beautiful. As a gentle oriental beauty, manager Shen saw that she liked blue and white so much and told her a lot about the history of blue and white porcelain. finally, he gave her two words of blue and white: "blue and white with white glaze is a fire, and the flowers are clear from the glaze." Her entourage also bought a lot of porcelain with shade green and kiln color-changing glaze, and everyone returned home with a full load.


      We also sincerely hope that when they return with our blue and white porcelain, they will spread our porcelain culture and the extensive and profound history and culture of the Chinese nation, falling in love with China and Shanghai.



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