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  • Sixty years of concomitant porcelain before a new chapter -- the 60th anniversary of Shanghai jingdezhen art porcelain co., LTD Exhibition activities review and appreciation

         On the morning of September 27, 2019, Shanghai jingdezhen art porcelain co., LTD. "60 years of association, porcelain gathering, and new composition" opened its 60th anniversary sales exhibition. Famous Chinese arts and crafts master, former President of jingdezhen ceramic institute Mr. Qin xilin; Mr. Xu xizhi, former member of the standing committee of the jingdezhen municipal committee and former director of the jingan district economic committee; Mr. Ding furen, former director of Shanghai office of jiangxi provincial people's government and curator of Shanghai porcelain forest museum; Jin bingfa, deputy secretary general of Shanghai commodity industry association; Shanghai 900 (group) co., LTD., deputy secretary of the party committee, comrade tong zhenyuan and other leaders and masters came to the scene to congratulate our company. Representative of the 60th anniversary: jingdezhen young and middle-aged outstanding ceramic artist Mr. Cheng guoming is also on the scene for our company to send a message of congratulations. Ms. Shen yanqing, the manager of our company, talked about the development process and future prospect of our company.

    I shop the sales activities not only gathered a number of master works, also main recommendations also the non-material cultural heritage inheritance Cheng Guomin and Cheng Guobing and crafts of jiangxi province in Shi Xiaowu several youth in jingdezhen ceramic artists such as landscapes, figures, flowers, birds and beasts such as hundred pieces of representative works, at the same time also specially arranged for 9/27-9/29 jingdezhen a live finger painting CiYi performance outstanding young ceramics.

    In addition, during the exhibition period, our company arranged two activities. On September 27th, he xiaomin, the former teacher of jingdezhen ceramic vocational university, Shared with the guests the knowledge of porcelain with the theme of "carry forward the ceramic culture and inherit the craftsman spirit". On the afternoon of October 5th, a VIP porcelain salon was held. The guests not only visited the exhibits, but also exchanged their opinions on porcelain and their experience in purchasing and collecting.

    The 60th anniversary of our company was successfully concluded on October 7th, which has been well received by all walks of life

    The activity has been more than half a month, now xiaobian for you to review the exhibition works.

    Passed 60 years, we will usher in a new next sixty years, our company all staff will, as always, the firm belief of challenge, and constantly move forward, unite as one for the old brand innovation and development, the development of Chinese traditional culture, and the first street in addition to the road of north of shaanxi finalists, welcome the masses of China communicate collect lover to come to my shop to choose.


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